My Story

Hi everyone! My name is Miranda and I’m the Owner and Head of Sweets Science & YUMology at Mirami’s Cakes and cookies. After living in Japan and having a career in tech start-ups in the Bay Area, I moved to San Diego and started my own sweets adventure.

I specialize in high-quality, color burst buttercream cakes and gourmet cookies with Asian-inspired flavors. I use flavors like matcha, passionfruit, ube, pandan, and more and mix it up with American-style classics like delicious sea salt dark chocolate chip cookies. One of my most popular cookies is a white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie stuffed with ube cookie dough!

I am most proud of my customer experience. I absolutely love making my customers happy! My time spent in Japan really contributed to how I treat my customers with care and importance, while also serving delicious treats that make everyone smile. I pour my heart into every project so that you can feel the care and love too! It fills me with great joy when I see how happy you are with my sweets.

I love doing celebrations and events of all kinds, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and local events. So let's get this party started! Contact me today, and let's make your event super special! Shop cakes here.

xoxo - Miranda