Half Marble Buttercream

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Half Marble Buttercream
Half Marble Buttercream

The delicate swirls of color on my half marble signature cakes are mesmerizing. Topped with a pearl sheen to give it that extra sparkle.

Outside - Half Unicorn Marble, Half Cream, Pearl Sheen
Inside - Signature PANDAN + COCONUT CREAM Cake


UBE + COCONUT + PURE VANILLA: Delicious purple yam with creamy coconut vanilla buttercream paired with ube-infused cake

LEMON + PURE VANILLA: Fresh lemon zest and pure vanilla buttercream with delicious and delicate lemon cake

PANDAN + COCONUT CREAM: Creamy coconut buttercream paired with a tropical and floral pandan-infused cake

DARK CHOCOLATE ON CHOCOLATE: 70% Valhrona dark chocolate ganache buttercream paired with a decadent chocolate cake

PURE VANILLA ON RED VELVET: Pure vanilla and cream cheese buttercream paired with a decadent soft red velvet cake

STRAWBERRY-VANILLA + SPRINKLE: organic strawberries and pure vanilla buttercream paired with a delicious and festive funfetti cake


Violet, Blush Pink, Stone, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Unicorn (Pink, Purple, Blue, Turquoise) Please leave in your order comments your requested outside color.

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*Cake Stand not Included